Scott Leithead

Scott Leithead is the founder and Artistic Director of Edmonton's Kokopelli Choir Association and TIME Jazz Association. He has been invited to conduct provincial and state honour choirs on fifteen occasions and he has presented workshops in North America and beyond.  Recent appearances include: conducting the Unisong Choir and the National Arts Orchestra in Ottawa on Canada Day; guest presenting at Festival 500 in NFLD; and Adjudicating the finals of the ACCC National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs. 

Scott has a passion for music from southern Africa and he has been hired to work with choirs in South Africa and Namibia on numerous occasions.  In 2010, Scott was on sabbatical in Namibia where he worked with the Mascato Youth Choir and numerous other choirs in southern Africa. Scott’s passion for innovative and unique choral music experiences has shaped the direction of the Kokopelli Choir Association  Scott is also the Vice Chairman of Choral/Vocal Division for MusicFest Canada and he is a member of the advisory committee for the Canadian Rocky Mountain Music Festival.

Position: Adjudicator