1.        The competitions shall be under the working management of the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Committee. Any question not dealt with in these rules shall be referred to the Committee through the Chairman and the decision of the Committee shall be final.

2.        All competitions, unless otherwise stated, will be open to amateurs only. The term “amateur” shall mean one whose principal income is not derived from musical services. This condition does not apply to those bona fide students of music who teach for the purpose of applying the money so earned for furtherance of their musical education.

3.        The VKM Festival competitions are open to eligible competitors who reside within the Province of British Columbia or elsewhere. Competitors residing outside of Canada are not eligible for Provincial competitions.

4.        The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without assigning a reason for so doing.

5.        No entry fee will be refunded unless a duplicate payment has been made.

6.        In case of financial hardship, limited financial support for entry fees is available by applying to the Artistic and Executive Director.



7.        Complaints and protests may only be made by email to the Artistic and Executive Director and/or Festivals Chairman. Telephone calls will not be considered.

8.        As required, the Artistic and Executive Director, Festivals Chairman and any other designated party shall form the Protest Committee, which shall be the Rules Committee, and whose decision shall be final.



9.        It is the responsibility of the competitor or the competitor’s teacher/parent to ensure that the competitor has entered the correct class.

10.     Competitors elect which class / level / grade to enter by referring to the syllabi, published by the major Canadian examination bodies which provide graded level guidance (Grades 1 to 10 and diploma) for entering local and provincial festivals in Music.

11.     Competitors may select repertoire not included in a Canadian syllabus and should fall approximately within the suitable grade level.  The Festival Committee and/or adjudicator reserve the right to disqualify selections that are not registered in the appropriate grade level.

12.     Competitors must refer to their instrument’s VKM Festival syllabus regarding the number and type of classes they are allowed to enter.

13.     Competitors whose music choice does not fit with the period named in the VKM Festival syllabus will be disqualified from receiving a mark, and will receive a written adjudication only.

14.     Any competitor who does not comply with the GRADE LEVEL in which he or she has entered forfeits his eligibility for a mark. He/she will receive adjudication only.

15.     Once a grade level has been achieved by examination, the competitor MUST enter a higher grade level except where the exam was completed in January prior to the current Festival.

16.     Any repertoire selection listed as TBA (To Be Announced) or the equivalent will be rejected.

17.     No competitor may enter the same class more than once during the current festival.

18.     Competitors may not play the same piece of music in two different classes.

19.     Pedal extensions are allowed in any piano class. The Festival will NOT provide the pedal extension.

20.     Competitors may elect to enter one grade level higher in any class in the same division.  For example, a competitor may enter a grade 5 class and grade 6 class, but may not enter a grade 5 class and grade 7 class.



21.     In ALL INSTRUMENTAL Concert Groups, the competitor must play two selections (unless otherwise stated) of the originally chosen grade level, but the third selection may be of one grade higher, if desired.

22.     Repertoire played in the concert group may not be played in any other class.

23.     Concertos are to be played only in Concerto Classes in each discipline. Exception: Junior Violin, Woodwind & Brass. See sections on Strings, Woodwind and Brass.



24.     Competitors should memorize their chosen selections. If they must use their music, they must be prepared to lose marks, if the adjudicator so judges.  Exceptions: Duets / Trios / Chamber Ensembles are permitted to use music.  Each ensemble member must use original score/parts.

25.     Sonatas for violin, viola, cello and bass may be played with original score/parts.

26.     Time limits will be strictly adhered to and enforced. The competitor must stop when time limit is reached or disqualification will result. Repeats are optional if completed within the time limit.

27.     In all classes, once a composition has been used, it may not be used by the same competitor for a period of two consecutive years if that competitor placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

28.     NO PHOTOCOPIES PERMITTED. Stringent laws with respect to Copyright were passed as law through Bill 60 in 1989. Therefore, the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival cannot accept the use of any photocopied music for the adjudicator, performer(s) or accompanist except as noted.

a) Accompanists only: A photocopy may be used to facilitate page turns as long as originals are clearly visible on the piano. Failure to display an original copy will disqualify the competitor.

b) Web-Based Sheet Music Stores: computer-generated copies or copy derived from computer programmes will NOT be allowed in this Festival unless they show legal authorization by the publisher, proof of payment or proof of public domain.

c) Music out of print: written permission from the publisher must be obtained to copy music that is out of print or difficult to acquire.

d) The Festival Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor who presents a photocopy, computer-generated copy or copy derived from computer programmes.

29.     The Festival assumes no responsibility for music left behind by competitors at Festival sites.



30.     A limited number of Official Programs will be on sale at all Festival venues for a cost of $15.00. All particulars with regard to the timing of the classes and the performance order will be printed in the Official Program. A complete digital program will be available on the Festival website. Pre-purchased Official Programs during registration by end of Registration Deadline is $12.00.

31.     Immediately after registration has closed, the VKM Festival Committee shall arrange the order of the program.

32.     A competitor’s Entry Schedule showing class number, location, date and time of competition will be made available on the Festival website by the end of March.

33.     Entry Schedules may be requested by the VKM Festival secretary, when a competitor’s name or performance number is announced.

34.     Competitors must perform in the classes they have selected and cannot change to another class.

35.     Competitors must perform the repertoire that was stated on their entry form.

36.     Corrections needed due to registrants’ error will be subject to a Correction Fee of $20.00.  See Registration page on the Festival web site for instructions. Emailed or phoned-in corrections are not accepted.

37.     Classes are scheduled carefully to avoid a competitor having to perform in two places at the same time. It is not always possible to avoid such time conflicts, and the VKM Festival Committee will make every effort to see if an alternate solution can be found.  However, we regret that at times it is impossible to avoid such a situation.

38.     No competitor will be allowed to perform at a time other than the listed time for the class he or she has been scheduled for.  By default, classes are scheduled 9:30am-9:00pm, seven days a week.

39.     The Committee reserves the right to alter the performance order, if necessary, or to subdivide the class should entries warrant.

40.     There will be NO CHANGES made to the programme order, schedule or repertoire selections once the official programme has been printed by the competitor.

41.     Competitors who intend to withdraw from any class are requested, as a courtesy, to notify the Festival Office in advance.



42.     Competitors must mark all bar numbers at the beginning of each line of music for the adjudicators.

43.     All competitors should arrive prior to the beginning of their scheduled class out of courtesy to the adjudicators and other competitors.

44.     Competitors will not commence before they are called to do so.

45.     A change of selection cannot be made or announced as a change on stage at performance time by the competitor. A performer doing so will be disqualified.

46.     No teacher or member of the public may speak to an adjudicator on any matter relating to the specific role and duties of that adjudicator in the current Festival in progress.  Necessary questions from the competitor must be directed to the adjudicator’s secretary or to the Festival Administrator.

47.     The VKM Festival Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor who is not ready to compete when called upon by the adjudicator’s secretary, unless an acceptable reason has been submitted to the Festival office prior to the class, or an alternate performance placement is granted at the discretion of the adjudicator.

48.     The adjudicator, at his or her discretion, may stop any performance at any time.

49.     The decision of the adjudicators will be given at the close of each competition and certificates awarded.

50.     In all classes, the first place winner’s name will be read out by the adjudicator at the completion of each class. If there should be any controversy concerning a competitor, the adjudicator will not announce the winner(s) until the matter has been clarified.

51.     Competitors, students and teachers are asked not to apply to the adjudicators for lessons while the VKM Festival is in session.

52.     No rehearsals will be allowed in any venue prior to a Festival class.

53.     No warm up facilities will be provided.

54.     Absolute silence is required during the competition.

55.     The public may not enter or leave while the competitor is on the platform.

56.     NO AUDIO/VIDEO TAPING OR PHOTOGRAPHY of any kind (including cell phones) is allowed during the performance or adjudication.

57.     Competitors will perform in the order stated in the programme. Failure to do so, without a valid reason will result in disqualification.

58.     Competitors are requested not to speak to the adjudicators either before or during the progress of a competitive class.

59.     Appropriate attire is suggested, i.e. no t-shirts or jeans.



60.     Immediately following the class, applicable certificates, music and written adjudications must be claimed.

61.     Performers in non-competitive classes will receive a participation certificate and adjudication.



62.     The Festival Committee does not arrange or supply accompanists.

63.     The piano is the instrument to be used for all selections requiring accompaniment. One piano will be provided.  Guitar accompaniment is allowed in Vocal Folk Song Classes only.

64.     Taped accompaniment is not allowed.



65.     No first place certificate or medallion shall be awarded unless a minimum mark of 85 (out of 100) is attained.

66.     For classes that have been subdivided, there may be first, second and third place winners in each section, but the definitive winner of that class will be the highest overall mark.

67.     First place winners of previous Solo or Ensemble classes of the previous year’s Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival are not eligible to compete again in the particular class in which they obtained first place, except “OPEN” classes.

68.     Contestants in any given year cannot return in the following year to play at a level lower than the previous year, i.e. Open to Senior, Senior to Intermediate or 14 years & under to 13 years & under.



69.     In order to be considered for recommendation to the Provincial Festival, a competitor must have performed in at least two solo classes in the same discipline at the local Festival and have received a mark of 85 or higher.

70.     To be considered for nomination to the National Class at the Provincial festival, a competitor must have performed in two solo classes AND the Provincial National Class for their instrument and received marks of 85 or higher in all classes. (The Provincial National Class has not been set up for all instrument categories.)

71.     In order to be eligible for a scholarship, a competitor must receive a mark of at least 85. However, this does not automatically qualify a competitor for an award.

72.     Final scholarship decisions rest with the adjudicators and Scholarship Committee. If they feel the performance does not warrant it, no scholarship will be awarded. This regulation covers all scholarships regardless of their terms of reference.

73.     If the adjudicator recommends a competitor to proceed to the Provincial Finals and the competitor is unable to do so because he/she has been chosen to represent another Festival, the Scholarship Committee reserves the right to refuse the awarding of any scholarship.

74.     All decisions of the Scholarship Committee regarding the awarding of scholarships are final.

75.     Scholarships will not be awarded in classes where there is only one participant.

76.     Scholarships are not given during the Festival. They will be presented at the Matinee Gala Concert to be held at the conclusion of the Festival.


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