Competitor Schedules


Access to your personal schedule will be available by about the middle of March.

Find your personalized schedule by:

  1. Clicking the Main Festivals Schedules link. 'Main Festival Schedules'
  2. Entering your Registration ID No. (Competitor ID No.) into the Student ID box. Click Apply.  NOTE: Some competitors may have more than one ID number if they have registered for more than one instrument OR registered their classes separately.
  3. Typing in EACH ID No. separately to access all your schedules.
  4. Print each schedule and keep it with you when you attend your scheduled class(es).

If you do not know your ID number, a list of ID numbers and Names is available in a PDF file attached at the bottom of this page.

  • 2018 list of ID numbers and names will be available by about the middle of March.

Teachers: If you would like a print out of your students' schedules please send an email to Administrator, Christine Han. Include your First and Last name and the instrument that you teach. We will return your schedule in a PDF document by email.