April 11 to 14, 2018
The pod system is unique and this festival has a more modern outlook than most festivals I have adjudicated. Having the choirs in groups of three so they can listen to other performances is brilliant. Your emphasis on learning ensures that students receive the maximum benefit from their festival experience, as well as the Directors, as the clinics are aimed at both the performer and the conductor. Bravo! Dr. Christopher Aspaas, St. Olaf College, Minnesota
Our Choral Festival format is a unique pod system with three choirs scheduled together. The advantage is that your choir will have an audience to sing for and your choir will be part of the audience for the other choirs.
- Each choir warms up for 15 minutes; then performs for 15 minutes, back to back with the other choirs; and then returns to their warm up room for a 30 minute workshop with one of the adjudicators.
- * Digital files are provided, along with verbal and written commentary by the adjudicators.
Cost: $350.00 ($350.00 per choir plus $6.00 administration fee at time of online registration)
Repertoire: You may sing three selections that fit within the 15 minute time limit. Any repertoire is permitted other than music theater selections and you are not required to submit your choices in advance. Note: This festival is not appropriate for Show Choirs.
We recommend up to 10 choirs, in separate categories, to the provincial Performing Arts BC Festival. For more information on the categories and the repertoire requirements please see:
As a MusicFest Canada affiliate, our adjudicators will issue "Official Invitations to Perform" to exceptional choirs whose performance meet or exceeds the criteria established by MusicFest Canada. The Invitation will be valid for two consecutive MusicFest Canada festivals.


01/18/2016 - 19:15
Planning has started for the 2018 Festival. We will be moving to Cariboo Hill Temple, 7195 Cariboo Road in Burnaby. We thank Major Mark Wagner for welcoming the Festival.


Cariboo Hill Temple
7195 Cariboo Road
Burnaby, BC